Retro 2014

Thursday June 15, 2014

 RE: Centre Avenue 4th Graders visit RETRO ’14 at the Lynbrook Library.

The Historical Society of East Rockaway & Lynbrook hosted fourth grade students from Lynbrook and East Rockaway public and parochial schools in the Great Room of the Lynbrook Library in early June.

The Retrospective features a life size replica of the Bristol Mexico Monument seen in Rockville Cemetery. Pat Hickey is shown telling several students the story of those tragic shipwrecks of 1836 and 1837. Other students look on at the 1” scale model of the Grist Mill Museum in Memorial Park. Stephanie Maddalone and Bob Sympson assist the youngsters and answer their questions.   The students also learned about two artifacts featured in this exhibit – one is a piece of trolley track from the trolley which used to run along Stauderman Avenue and the other item is a loving cup won by Mrs. Harry Schultz in the Ladies Horse Race held in Driving Cross Park.  Did you know there was a race tract in Lynbrook? Did you know there were trolleys in Lynbrook?

Become a volunteer.  Join the Historical Society of East Rockaway & Lynbrook.  Call 887-9094 for more information.


moving Bristol to Library

stephanie and artifacts






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