About Us

The Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook is an all volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the history of our villages.  Our mission is to discover, document, and sustain the chronicle of our communities. We recognize that history is an ongoing account of the present, the past as well as insight into the future. We firmly believe that the knowledge of our corner of the county is rife with people, place and events which must not only be preserved but must be publicized so that our communities are aware of the rich heritage they enjoy.

The Society is committed to promote the history, publish its findings and work with the local officials, the public and the educational institutions to disseminate our legacy and promote interest and excitement about the history of the area.

Through our historical programs and speakers we attempt to reach out to the community and through our Annual Retrospective for every fourth grade student we work to increase awareness of the history of East Rockaway and Lynbrook.

President                                                                           Frank M. Torre

Vice President – Lynbrook                                              Hon. Mary H. Colway

Vice President – E. Rockaway                                        Patricia Yosca

Treasurer                                                                          Thea Costabile

Recording Secretary                                                       Patricia McGivern

Executive Director                                                           Madeline Pearson

East Rockaway Scholar 2024                                       TBA

Lynbrook Heritage Scholar 2024                                 TBA

The Haviland – Davison Mill Before 1920. Colorized by Frank M. Torre 2022
East Rockaway Civic Association vs. Lynbrook Civic Association – 1914. Colorized by Frank M. Torre 2023
Hewlett Home’s on Main Street – East Rockaway. Colorized by Frank M. Torre 2022
Oliver Hewlett Homestead – Sometime before its demolition in 1936. Colorized by Frank M. Torre 2022
“Just after the US entered WWI in April 1917 — on the side of the English and French — Lynbrook and East Rockaway’s spirited French Chef, Henri Charpentier, invited the French Ambassador Joseph Joffre and some of the crew of the French ship, Admiral Aube, to dinner at his already-famous, one-year-old restaurant. The entire village joined in the welcome with a parade down Atlantic Avenue, which had been decorated with bunting.”
“The photo shows Lynbrook’s Boy Scout Troop 3 at the end of the march, at Henri’s hotel and restaurant on Scranton Avenue. The boys are bearing a French flag that Henri donated to them. They and two scout leaders are bracketed by Henri and a waiter. The ambassador is not shown in the photo.”
- Art Mattson, Village Historian, Lynbrook.
Photo: Leo H Bock, 1917. Colorization: Frank M. Torre, 2023.