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History takes time.  That most certainly is not only an oxymoron but also an understatement. HSERL has succeeded in making history yet again. Three Lynbrook houses have been placed on the New York State of  Register of Historic Places and the National Register of Historic places

You have read previously about the work of these  three stalwart researchers and one indomitable photographer who put together  portfolios of research that was unexcelled.

Rebecca Schimmel, Lynbrook High School Heritage Scholar, Donald Krendel photographer and homeowners Ernest and Matilda Tarmin worked together to prepare and present the documentation necessary to make recognition possible.  You’ll recognize this house because it stand out as a well preserved “old” house on Ocean Avenue.

The number two success was accomplished by Art Mattson, HSERL Director and Lynbrook Village Historian, Donald Krendel and Tina Gonzales and David Byrne, homeowners.  This house is equally old but it is hidden.. While other houses claim similarity, this one made it to the National Register.  It is located on Grove Street.

Bob Sympson, who actually initiated this project several years ago after viewing the Denton House in East Rockaway, wherein Betsy Davison vividly recalled many happy days of her youth visiting Delameter Denton. said “Why not get recognition for the beautiful old homes which are part. of the history the south shore especially East Rockaway and Lynbrook.  He worked with John and &Cassandra Brannick and Donald Krendel to make it work yet a third time.  This home located on Rockaway Avenue probably has as part of its footprint one of the first saltboxes in the area.

Thus these three Lynbrook homes proudly join the Haviland Davison Grist Mill, more familiarly known as the East Rockaway Grist Mill Museum on the New York State Register of Historic Places.

Grove Street, Lynbrook, NY


Ocean Avenue, Lynbrook


Rocklyn Avenue Lynbrook, New York






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